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Teach Yourself to Draw

Art, Science and Creative Writing Workbooks

Learning happens best when children are able to study the things they love.
Fun Art & Science
  • Teach Yourself to Draw is a set of Activity books for ages 7 to 14 that teach drawing, science and creative writing.  Perfect for homeschooling or just for fun!


We offer three sets of workbooks:


Series 1 - Playful Pets 

4  Art Workbooks & 4 Research Handbooks


Series 2 - Amazing Animals 

4  Art Workbooks & 4 Research Handbooks


Series 3 - Animals of the World 

5  Art Workbooks & 5 Research Handbooks

"I'm Anna, age 14 - I illustrated the Puppies and Forest Animal workbooks in this series! I'm Dyslexic, but love homeschooling. Kids like me will love these books!" (About Us)

How Does this Program Teach Science?


  • Our Animal Research Handbooks are NOT dull textbooks that list facts about each animal. They are much more fun and even include drawing games.


  • Your child will be asked to answer scientific questions with words, stories or pictures (perfect for creative kids and children who struggle with typical schoolwork).


  • Your child must go in search of the answers like a scavenger hunt. The goal is to teach the student to research and discover the answers. You may be amazed at how much your child knows already!


  • The answers can easily be found in any set of encyclopedias, on the computer or at the library. If your child is an animal lover you should already have lots of animal books and videos on the shelf.


  • There are no multiple choice questions and no answer key! The answers will be as unique as your child and the animal he is studying!


  • Each book will showcase your child's knowledge, research and art.


Students can learn to draw like Sarah & Anna Brown with this unique method!