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See Inside Series 1 - Playful Pets
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Teach Yourself

to Draw Kittens

Teach Yourself to Draw Kittens
Kittens to Study and Draw
How to Draw Kittens Page 4
Draw Kittens Page 17
Draw Kittens Page 18.jpg
Draw Kittens Page 20
Draw Kittens Page 19
Draw Kittens Page 21.jpg
Draw Kittens - Back Cover
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Playful Pets

Research Handbook

5 Pets Handbook Cover.jpg
Playful Pets Page 4.jpg
Pets Research Page 5.jpg
Pets Research Page 13.jpg
Pets Research Page 21.jpg
Pets Research Page 29.jpg
Pets Handbook Page 37.jpg
Pets Research Page 32.jpg
Pets Research Page 31.jpg
Pets Handbook Page 40.jpg
5 Pets Handbook b.jpg
Draw and Study These
20 Animals in Series 1:

Teach Yourself to Draw & Research Handbooks

  • For ages 7 and up, younger children will need assistance with reading and writing. 


  • Each workbook includes 35 to 40 of pages of lessons, students can work at their own pace, but 2 or 3 worksheets per day is ideal.


Learn to Draw Realistic Cats!  Learn to Draw Adorable Kittens!  Learn to Pug Puppiess, Golden Retriver Puppies, Cute Bunnies so much more!

See Inside Series 2 - Amazing Animals
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Teach Yourself

Beautiful Birds

11 Draw Birds Cover.jpg
Draw Birds page 3.jpg
Draw Birds page 4.jpg
Draw Birds page 5.jpg
Draw Birds page 20.jpg
Draw Birds page 29.jpg
Draw Birds page 12.jpg
Draw Birds page 27.jpg
Draw Birds page back cover.jpg
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Farm Animals

Research Handbook

12 Farm Animals Handbook Cover.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 4.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 5.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 6.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 36.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 37.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 27.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 14.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 23.jpg
Pets Research Page 31.jpg
Farm Animals Handbook page 40.jpg
12 Farm Animals Handbook b.jpg
Draw and Study These 20 Animals in Series 2:

Learn to Draw Eagles!  Learn to Draw Foxes!  Learn to Draw Sheep and Goats. Learn to Draw Chickens, Owls & Doves!

Learn to Draw Betafish, Hedgehogs, Rabbits,

Geese and so much more!

See Inside Series 3 - Animals of the World
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Teach Yourself

to Sea Creatures

4 Draw Sea Creatures Cover.jpg
4 Sea Creatures Handbook 3.jpg
Draw Sea Creatures page 4.jpg
Draw Sea Creatures page 5.jpg
Draw Sea Creatures page 14.jpg
Draw Sea Creatures page 25.jpg
Draw Sea Creatures Page 33.jpg
Draw Sea Creatures Page 36.jpg
Draw  Sea Creatures Back Cover.jpg
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Horses, Donkeys & Ponies

Research Handbook

1 Handbook - Horses, Ponies and Donkeys.jpg
1 Handbook Horses page 4.jpg
horse handbook page 5.jpg
Hose Handbook page 14.jpg
horse handbook page 22.jpg
horse handbook page 6.jpg
horse handbook page 30.jpg
horse handbook page 33.jpg
1 Handbook Horses b.jpg
Draw and Study These 25 Animals in Series 3:

Learn to Draw Tigers!  Learn to Draw Draco Lizards!  Learn to Draw Horses, Cheetahs & Dolphins!

Learn to Draw Sharks, Butterflies, Angler Fish, Sea Turtles and so much more!

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