Check out these Free Dyslexia Therapy Videos!

Free Dyslexia Therapy Videos for Kids:

1. Set up an activity table in a quiet place - in the home or outside. The activity station needs to include four pages from the Dyslexia Games activity book. Also have black a nice black marker available. Provide your child with some art supplies, like clay and colored markers. 2. Turn on the 1st Art & Logic video for your child. 3. After your child watches the video he will be ready to put what he sees into action. Don't be surprised if your child goes in search of supplies that you didn't think of! He may even need rocks, leaves and dry pasta for his project! 4. Set your child free to be creative. Make sure that after watching this video he does not proceed to play videos games or watch TV - He must engage in creativity immediately.

There are 12 videos in this series! Here is the link!


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