Parents and Professionals agree.  Dyslexia Games really works!

"He's reading wonderfully now!"


"My son used Dyslexia Games last year and the year before and loved it! It was so helpful, he is reading wonderfully now."



 - Tasha

"Huge Improvement!"


"We have noticed a huge improvement in our son's handwriting after working through the first ten lessons in Dyslexia Games Series A.  We also notice that if we do a page or two every morning before school, he does better at school that day...it is as if the worksheets help him settle his mind and get him ready to learn." 


- Lori

"She loved Them!"


"Madison, my dyslexic daughter, is on her last book already from Dyslexia Games Series B and she wants to know if you have any more?  She has loved them! I don't ever have to even bring up doing them.  She also likes the fact that she gets to do something "cool" that her siblings don't.  Dyslexia Games is something that she excels at! That is huge because she has to really work hard when it come to academics."



 - Heather 

"A source of hope and encouragement!"


Recently, I was pleased to discover Dyslexia Games. They are an enchanting and innovative way to address the unique challenges kids with dyslexia and related difficulties face. These games are practical tools, but most important of all, they are fun!  Besides the games, the website is a source of hope and encouragement for parents of children with special needs."


-Dr. James Pendleton, FL

"Check out Dyslexia Games"



"Check out Dyslexia Games for a resource to help students who struggle with Reading, Writing, and Spelling that is caused by Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD or other challenges. These games could just be used by homeschooling moms who want their kids to “exercise their brains” during non-schooling hours!"



- Michael Farris, President of HSLDA

"He actually asks to read books now!"


"My 8 year old  boy has mild dyslexia.  In the past, reading was a daily battle, often leaving both of us very frustrated (I homeschool).  Since I started using your books about 5 weeks ago, he is no longer dreading reading! He actually asks to read books! Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool for us! You rock!"


- Silvia

"They are teaching him fine motor skills"


"My son absolutely loves Dyslexia Games!!!  He is so excited to do the worksheets.  They are teaching him the fine motor skills that he needs.  Having a diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder was terrifying for us.  The inspiration you have shared with us has opened up a whole new world to my husband and I.  We look at things differently and I feel closer to the way our son sees the world.  For that I am forever grateful ." 


-Elisa Carter

"I've seen a huge difference in my daughter's reading ability!"


"I've seen a huge difference in my daughter's reading ability from the beginning of the school year.  Your program, (along with an online phonics game) have pushed her over the edge into becoming a reader! I plan on using Dyslexia Games with my adult son who has autism as well.  Keep up the good work! "


- AnnMarie

"He said he wanted to do more!"


"I just really wanted to share this! Before school today I got out our 1st Dyslexia Games book and sat my 6yr old down in front of it.  I told him after 5 minutes he could do something else. He finished three pages in five minutes, and when the timer rang he said he wanted to do more!! This is the same boy that throws books around the room and screams and shouts because he can't sit and concentrate!! I am gob smacked - thank you!!!!"


-Debbie U.

"Schoolwork has been a battle until now!"


"My son is 10 yrs old, the oldest of our five children. I've homeschooled him from the beginning. He has always been a little "different". I have purchased your lessons, and my son is LOVING them!! Suddenly, (magically, LOL!) his hand isn't cramping up after the first quarter of a page of work! He is enjoying the lessons! Schoolwork has been a battle with him until now."     


 - Vanessa

"A freshly innovative tool"


"An education is one of the most important gifts a parent can provide for a child. As with any profession, be it medicine, plumbing or mechanics, unique tools are required to accomplish the expected task. "The Dyslexia Games Learning Program" is a freshly innovative educational tool which has the potential to help a child overcome common learning challenges associated with Dyslexia and ADHD."


-  Dr. Scott Smith, D.O.

"I would recommend them to anyone"


"My son has dyslexia and has always hated anything to do with reading. He LOVES doing this program.  He asks me when he wakes up in the morning if can he work on his books. He is very still and quiet when he is working on them. He is 9 years old and usually doesn't sit still or be quiet!  As a home schooling mother of 6, I am very impressed with these books!! I would recommend them to everyone. The customer service is amazing!!! They really do care about their customers!"


-Crystal S.

"I was amazed!"


“My seven year old son struggles so much with reading, writing and spelling.  I love homeschooling my son, but it can be hard at times when he doesn't enjoy anything I try with him.  I just began using Dyslexia Games and when I gave his first sheet...  WOW!!!!!!!  He completed the WHOLE sheet without ANY delay, interruptions, or whining!  He loved the puzzle games and completed his first worksheet perfectly!  Now he is asking for more.  I was amazed!  It was like a light bulb turned on in his brain and my husband and I just sat and watched in pure joy!”


- Kim B.

"I am recommending the program to my friends and clients"


"I have worked in the health and nutritional field for 18 years with children and adults with ADHD and autism.   The Dyslexia Games worksheets are unlike anything else I have ever seen used with children with learning disabilities.  The games and puzzles have the potential to help many children. I am already recommending the program to my friends and clients!”


-Jan Knutson, MLM Coach